Race Car Build Process

Process Step #: 4
Typical Time to complete: 2 days

Taking all trim off, sunroof out, prep for paint

Body Exterior Prep

Painting the car is your preference. If you want the body color the way you brought it in, then this step is much shorter in length as pretty much all we have to do is replace the sunroof with a sunroof filler and paint the race cage.

If you do want it painted, then all trim pieces, lights, wiring, have to be removed to keep the paint shops prep time to a minimum. The paint shop will spray in the interior and exterior of the body, including the front and rear bumpers.

Costs for a complete interior and exterior body paint can run anywhere from $6,500 to over $10,000 depending on your paint scheme. That is the Paint Shops price, not ours. There are a couple of shops that do this for us and each time we have to get a quote as they need to know the condition of the car, and what they have to do.  If you have someone that will do it for you, that is your preference, just let us know.

Rough Estimate on Labor Cost: $200

Typical Parts for this Step