White E46

SPEC E-46 Build

There is a lot to think about when building a SPEC E-46. How serious you are about the build will dictate how much your going to want to put into the build as well as your expectations on getting on the podium. I’m not saying that the car will dictate where you finish in a race, that depends on the drivers, and pit crew, and yes, how well the car set-up is for that particular track. At a minimum, your going to need a race cage and other parts that are required per NASA CCR. If your just thinking about it, go to the NASA E46 page and read about the series, what it is about and what is required to run in that series.

We will be updating the site as we build our SPEC E-46 with pictures and commentary on what we are doing, why we are doing it, the costs and the time it takes. Follow us as our Master Technician/Mechanic, Dan Pluth, who has over 20 years building both BMW and Alfa Romeo Race Cars, tears it down, and builds it out.